RE CE Class Instructors

Jack Morton

J.D., has been a Professor of Business Law at the University of Montana for over 30 years. Jack has a reputation as the leading authority on Real Estate Law in Montana.

Dr. Gerald E. Evans

Ph.D., is a Professor of Management at the University of Montana and has been teaching Real Estate Continuing Education courses for over 21 years. He has received numerous teaching awards and has presented Executive Education for regional hospitals, the US Forest Service, and the Montana Department of Transportation.

John Hamilton, DREI

has written and presented seminars, courses and programs since 1981. During the 1980s the concentration was within the context of real estate agent and broker education and training. Beginning in 1992 (to present) Hamilton’s concentration expanded to general business and governmental unit training by servicing such clients nationwide and throughout Canada. Find out more information about John at

Connole – Morton’s Average Rating

4.97 out of 5 with 38 Reviews

Pass the Exam Guarantee

In the event that you do not pass the Pre-Licensing exam, you are welcome to repeat the class at no charge.