Real Estate Pre-Licensing

Connole-Morton Real Estate School offers the highest quality salesperson and broker pre-licensing classes in Montana since 1977. Our in-person pre-licensing classes are offered in Billings and Missoula, or online through Zoom. 

Our real estate pre-licensing class combines lectures, illustrations and hundreds of review questions presented in a lively and understandable seminar environment. We believe that learning must be both interesting and fun.

We make sure that each topic is reviewed multiple times with relevant review questions to solidify your understanding. Having a copy of the instructor’s course outline will enable you to follow class discussion while holding note-taking to a minimum.

Our instructors are so effective in teaching the material that you can spend your evenings reviewing up-to-date sample questions rather than reading text books or watching videotaped repeats of class lectures.

Salesperson and Broker Courses are taught simultaneously.
There are some differences in the required subject matter between Salespersons and Brokers. As such, our course content teaches to the Broker requirements, and by default, also covers all content for the Salesperson requirements. While Salespersons will have to put in more hours, as required by state law, they will also benefit by gaining an advanced real estate education.

Why our Real Estate Prelicensing Course?
Our course has 2 goals: (1) to introduce you to the fundamentals of real estate practice and (2) to teach the theories of real estate needed to pass the state and national salesperson/broker licensing examinations.

No video tapes!   All our classes are taught live by our instructors.

Our course is a proven product–excellence in teaching real estate courses since 1977.  Teaching is our profession–our only profession.

Connole-Morton’s Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course is Montana’s most successful course. More students choose our course than all other courses combined.

No night classes! We give you time to review the material before the next day’s class.

Four (4) semester credits are available through the University of Montana.

Our “pass the PSI exam” guarantee
In the unlikely event that you do not pass either part (state or national) of the salesperson or broker licensing examination, you are welcome to repeat any or all of the next scheduled class at no additional charge for up to 6 months.

Money back guarantee
If you attend our course, we’ll give you the first full day to make up your mind. If you are not totally pleased with what has been given you, or you feel we have not lived up in every aspect to what we have advertised, just return your materials and we will give your money back – promptly.

We can make this kind of guarantee because we have the best and most successful course in Montana.

None of our students have ever used this guarantee!

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Pass the Exam Guarantee

In the event that you do not pass the Pre-Licensing exam, you are welcome to repeat the class at no charge, for up to 6 months. (more info)