Live Classes and COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 any live class gatherings that get cancelled will be moved online. Attendees will be contacted and sent a live webinar link to attend the class. Please check the class schedule page (RE | INS) to see if your class has been canceled. Live class materials will be shipped out prior to class. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Update 4-15-20:

If the Stay-At-Home order is lifted we will be able to run both the live in-person class and the online Zoom class. As of today, the order is supposed to be lifted on May 1st. If the order is not lifted, the online class will be the only option for attending. If attending the online Zoom class, a good internet connection is required and you may use a desktop computer, laptop or smart phone.

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Pass the Exam Guarantee

In the event that you do not pass the Pre-Licensing exam, you are welcome to repeat the class at no charge, for up to 6 months. (more info)